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ML 400-500

The ML 400/500 line, resulting from earlier models’ evolution, is actually included in MAXILIFT range, yet directed toapplications different from typical vehicle installation.


The ML 400 and ML 500 cranes are designed for heavy duties and for installation on off-road vehicles, pay welders, tracked vehicles, ships and boats.
The peculiar structural features, especially the high slewing torque and the rotation system by double rack and pinion, make them suitable to bear strong swinging and high slopes.


ML 400 and ML 500 are often incorporated in complex machinery, and used without hook as hydraulic booms, in order to meet the set-up needs in different fields, such as mining, pipeline, forestry, etc.


A special corrosion-proof treatment is carried out on the marine version.


The range includes 2 models differing for lifting capacity: 4 Tm for ML 400 and 5 Tm for ML 500. For both models you can choose between an outreach ranging from 3,65 to 5,75 m.


Cranes can be equipped with a 1.000 kg winch, remote controls and manual extensions (according to destination country).

ML 400  - 4 tm

ML 500 - 5 tm

ML 400-500 Marine